Babbutzi Orkestar

Parruski & Makkeroni

The Babbutzi Orkestar was born in September 2007 with the idea of offering a repertoire of Balkan music around the traditional sounds of Eastern Europe.

In 2009 they released their first album "Babbutzi Orkestar" after an intense live activity that has seen the 8 musicians of Babbutzi Orkestar propose on many stages and squares in Italy. The output of the first job begins to circulate more the name of the ensemble, also increasing the number of performances and invitations to important festivals. By the many amazing concert that release an intense energy and transform any situation in a party of colors and crazy dances will come to a second disc in 2011 titled "Baro Shero". A more mature album with new sounds that create a beat stronger and at times a little punk with a pounding rhythmic cadence, but that does not abandon the traditional Balkan sounds. The new sound bound to Baro Shero is very compelling and the proof comes from the fiery live band that takes you around squares and stages all over Italy. Until you get to 2013, an important period for the BABBUTZI ORKESTAR, which see the band featured on important stages of Italy and not also to the side of artists such as Kocani ORKESTAR and SHANTEL; many invitations even at important festivals such as the GUCA NA KRASU in Trieste and HIDRELLEZ 2013 in ISTANBUL. In May comes a compilation for the Guca Na Krasu Fest where one own song is selected ("Bum Bum Boje,") to support the now widely known DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, BOBAN I MARKO MARKOVIC and MAGNIFICO.

After Babbutzi Orkestar of 2009 and Baro Shero of 2011, the Balkan Band that made everyone dance throughout Italy and Europe with their own Balkan Sexy Music - a mix of Balkan, punk, folk “Osteria” music and even the extreme roots of Surf Music - returns in 2014 with a new album titled Vodka, Polka & Vina.

BABBUTZI ORKESTAR is coming back! The balkan band that has dragged and upset thousands of people with its energy, is returning with a new work that shows a different approach to Balkan music compared with previous works. The band changes its skin and turns into a beat more surfing and punk, influenced by electronic music, but always linked to Balkan Beat, which is recognizable within each of the 13 tracks on the disc.

The album is built on the explosive energy that the band gives out during their live performances. “Vodka, Polka & Vina”, that it will release on the11th of March, emphasizes the aggressive sound of the guitars and fanfare always linked with frantic themes inspired by Gypsy music present in all thirteen tracks. Electro sounds and synthesizers create a carpet derived from dub and soul, leaving space for dreamy violins and poetic accordions. The sounds are raw and undercooked, but crossed with stable rhythmic waves, punchy bass and drums with a rock soul that make it stand out, giving balance to the organic and new idea of playing the Balkan rhythms. All topped off with powerful and scratchy voices that exceed the limits of madness, passion and feverish sensual visions, and even scream current topics such as the bitter destructive capacity of man.

The 13 songs in the album were written by G. Roccato and Babbutzi Orkestar, except for the Italian classic from the 1958 Buona Sera Signorina rearranged in the Balkan Sexy Music version. The album was produced with the help of last generation machines, synthesizers and vintage tube amps. Recorded entirely by Antonio Polidoro, who previously collaborated with the band in the two previous works.

Among melodic ballads, polkas and fiery rhythms surf, psychobilly, punk, hip-hop, funky, soul, pop and sometimes even balkan, Vodka, Polka & Vina drag the audience into a delirious and insane dimension from which it will be difficult to escape.

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