DJ Mibor

Spains Secret Electro Swing Royal

Jorge Lagrava AKA DJ Mibor is currently one of the leading representatives of the Electro Swing & Swing House in Spain. He began his career as a DJ in the late 90's heavily influenced by Classic Jazz, Swing and Soul . His passion and dedication for music has led him to play around the Spanish geography, in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Valladolid or San Sebastian and countries like France ( Electro Swing Club Paris @ La Java), Italy (Swing Things Bologna @ Artery) or Switzerland (Le Zoo Unise).

Founder of Chocolat Soul Records label (2008 ), made his recording debut in 2002, his work was selected as young talent at the San Sebastian festival Elektronikaldia03. Their first album Cocktail Lounge 2005 was published internationally and selected as talent FNAC Spain, and included in numerous TV shows, cultural events like Pasarela Cibeles or dozens of compilations.

His productions are present in half world labels like High Note (Taiwan), Irma Records (Italy), Ministry of Sound / Stereo de Luxe (Germany), FLAK Records (UK), ChinChin Records (GER/UK), Cabbie Hat (USA), Electro Swing Club or Electro Swing vol.6 among many others. As a music producer he has worked with numerous artists internationally and remixed artists such as Bart & Baker, Puppini Sisters, Farrapo or Nicola Vujicic and others. Would highlight the remixes "Istanbul Not Constantinople" and "Bart & Baker feat Nicolle Rochelle - The Swing Phenomenon".

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