The Inexplicables

Heavyweight beat box extravaganza

the inexplicables bring something truly original to live dance music. effortlessly blending styles ranging from jungle and hip hop to reggae and jazz. easily capable of rocking a dance-hungry crowd with a high-tempo extravaganza, whilst able to adapt their sets accordingly with exquisitely written dub ballads and heartfelt intelligent hip hop, simultaneously lighting up the dancefloor or soothing the armchair listener. with soulful vocals and insightful rhymes fronting heavyweight beatbox, infectious basslines and next-level horns and woodwind. the inexplicables are truly a force to behold. they are a seasoned outfit having toured throughout europe, headlined some of the uk's best live music venues and played scores of festivals in the uk and beyond.


In short it is dance music, but not as the mainstream media would recognise it, this is world and indeed worldly dance music, a sort of universal currency that could be exported anywhere on the globe and be recognised for just how encompassing it is, not to mention brilliant.
—Dave Franklin

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