Electronic Time Machine

Back to retro. This is Lamuzgueule. With costumes from another time, catchy melodies and French electro swing, We love the intensity and the time spent on stage during our tours and we want to give out our energy, music and smiles. When swing music meets electro beats, the 20’s style is back to your ears.

Our band was born in 2008 in the French Alps, with 6 musicians. After our debut album “Radio berets & Disco zina” released in June 2012, and many gigs in France, Europe opened its doors.

In 2013 we performed almost 50 gigs all across Europe, playing very nice places like the Moulin Rouge in Paris and all over the United Kingdom: London, Liverpool, Lancaster, Birmingham (swingamajig), Bristol, Portsmouth, Exeter, Cirencester, which was an unforgettable ”UK Tour”, then in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and Switzerland: Lausanne, Baden and Italy: Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin etc..

From our beginnings we write songs in French, and in spite of all our travels in Europe we kept our roots, our tone, and our accents.

The narrative and ironic French lyrics, an electro contagious rhythmic, brings our audience to a frenetic dancing state.

We travelled far and wide across Europe, and thanks to the Internet, we met many famous artists like: Lyre le Temps, Jenova Collective, Bart & Baker, Senor Zazou (KKC orchestra), Grant Lazlo, Slamboree (UK), Defunk (Canada), Jazzotron (Serbia) … we worked on our songs with all of them for this new remix album, like an exchange of ideas, tunes and samples, which look 10 months to create this album.

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