Rumba de Bodas

Bolognese supernova of styles

RUMBA de BODAS formed in 2008, from the union of eight musician with very different energies, experiences and ideas. Over the years it developed an exquisitely singular style, which blends together latin grooves, Balkan, Swing, Ska and Reggae and has had people dancing under stages everywhere from Italy to London, and from Romania to Spain.

They love brass sections, upbeat music, all sort of traditional folky sort of stuff, but mainly they love to mix all of this together, throwing in half a kilo of chili powder to make sure you're going to stomp your feet as much as possible. It is this very mix of genres, freely mixing south American vibes, Middle European melodies and Ska, the whole mixed up with a touch of Carnival Jazziness.


The perfect post-Carnival shot. The exuberant cabaret-swing of Rumba da Bodas returns after a series of sell out shows last year. Starting life as a loose collective in the backstreet music bars of Bologna, Italy, they fuse Latin, Ska, Balkan and Swing ideas into an ever-changing musical mix.

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