Daiana Lou

Presenting Berlin's New Alternative Rock Sound

Daiana and Luca are the faces of the multi-instrumentalist rock duo DAIANA LOU formed in 2014. They love to call themselves “buskers” and it is thanks to street art that they have learned to be free and happy. Known to the Italian public for their participation/self-elimination in X-Factor in 2016,they became a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity. They live in Berlin since 2015. They are recognized among the most active independent artists in the German capital. The German press calls them, “two personalities who have the creativity and power to transform a place giving it an identity it did not have before.”

After treading major stages and having produced two soundtracks for Italian cinema (Terapia di Coppia Per Amanti, 2017) and for Netflix (4 Metà, 2022) the duo decided to turn into a band with Antonio Aronne on drums and Jan Bures on bass. Despite being newly formed, in the summer of 2022 the band immediately enjoys great success by playing at prestigious festivals such as Nova Rock in Austria and the Sziget Fesztival in Budapest, Hungary.

The colorful Daiana Lou present an unmistakable style and sound.

In anticipation of the album due out in October 2022, the Italian-Berlin band brings to the stage a concert contaminated by the sonic rudeness of the streets of Berlin and the alternative vibe of the German capital’s clubs. The band’s sound is an explosion of monolithic riffs, ethereal moments, time suspensions and clubby beats led by Daiana’s voice, capable of leading the listener on an introspective journey that leaves deep inspirations with powerful lyrics.

Line Up

  • DAIANA - Vocals
  • Luca - Guitar
  • Antonio - Drums
  • Jan - Bass

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