Grant Lazlo

The chef of the Soul kitchen

Grant Lazlo is Paul Hézard, a French electronic music producer from the very cosmopolitan Marseille who takes vintage sounds and modernizes them by adding a touch of electro. It’s sociable, party music, sure to make you smile, and, most importantly, guaranteed to make you dance.</p> His love of music started at an early age; he grew up listening to the music of the greats – Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder and Django Reinhardt – paving the way for the unique, eclectic sound he’s so well-known for today. From his earliest steps in the music scene to his most recent vintage production, Grant Lazlo always pays tribute to his many musical idols by blending beats and melodies from the greatest songbooks in history.</p> Lazlo was signed to Loop De Loop Music (also home to dance music band, The Egg), and he released a compilation series through the label in Summer 2016, coinciding with his appearance at Glastonbury.</p> No stranger to playing live, Grant’s sets are always full of good vibes and energy, marrying tunes from across genres to combine electro, soul, jazz, reggae, funk and blues. He has toured internationally playing at clubs and festivals and some of his highlights include Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australis), Fusion Festival (Germany), Ressonar (Brazil), Marsatac (France), Ritter Butzke (Berlin, Germany), La Bellevilloise (Paris, France), Astra (Berlin, Germany) and at many other major UK Festivals.</p>

Lazlo is no stranger to playing live, his superfunky sets are a journey through music history, crisscrossing genres to combine electro, soul, jazz, reggae, funk and blues. The EP comes off the back of three storming sets at Glastonbury, Fusion Festival and GIVE! He will also play later this summer at 3000grad festival, and Human Evolution Festival.

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