Ancient Stories from Africa and Europe

The music of Jan Galega Brönnimann, Moussa Cissokho and Omri Hason is a reminisence of the Art of storytelling. The Trio creates a tension of traditional and modern music from Africa and Europe. The sparkling sound of the Kora (African Harp with 22 strings) meets the warm tone of the Bass Clarinet and the oriental percussion.

„Al nge taa“ is the first release of the trio. It means „let’s move!“ in Mandinka, a language spoken in Gambia, Mali and Senegal. The songs are written by the three musicians and reflect their different backgrounds. Listening to „Al nge taa“ is an unforgettable adventure thanks to its merging of different musical traditions, the band’s unique line-up and its wealth of ingenious melodies and rhythms.

Moussa Cissokho from Senegal is an exceptionally talented and skillful kora player, singer and composer. Born and raised in the famous griot family he was taught to play by his father from very early age travelling to assist in traditional ceremonies in Senegal. By the age of 13 he was choosen for the National Ballet of Senegal. He toured all over Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Moussa Cissokho now lives in Austria and works with different musicians in Africa and Europe.

Africa meets Europe and the middle east and to sum up: in the end everyone is astonished how well matching those musical heritages are.

We got Music About the First Album “Al nge taa”

Line Up

  • Jan Galega Brönnimann - Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
  • Moussa Cissokho - Kora, Vocal
  • Omri Hason - Oriental percussion, hang

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