John Fairhurst

The Wigan Jimi Hendrix

The Bitish rock guitar phenomenon. Sucker punch solos and a gravel-swilled belter of a voice. Their most recent album, Saltwater (2014), was incredibly well-received, and their upcoming album is a big, loud, dirty affair. The band have once again enlisted profucer Alex Beitzke (Jamiroquai, Florence and The Machine, Nigel Kennedy), and after a great year on the road, in the studio and in each other’s pockets, the band have refined their sound into something truly special. This record marks a musical evolution, with John citing a huge range of influences, including Jack White, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Zappa, Iggy Pop, Captain Beefheart and Led Zeppelin. Alongside the heavy electric guitar riffs, face-melting solos and unmistakable growling vocals we’ve come to expect from John Fairhurst this album is an outspoken expression of his view on the world and out position in it, and was released in late 2016.


If you’re sick of hearing second and third generation blues revivalists recycling smooth guitar licks and bland vocals (no, I’m not naming names) then this could be just the album for you; don’t file under easy listening.

— Allan Mackay, Music Riot

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