The One and Only Pin Up DJane

Blessed with a cultural heritage that stretches back for centuries, Milan is home to many of the worlds leading artistic, cultural and fashion icons. With genes seemingly cherry-picked from that cultural DNA, we have Rosantique. Talented and stylish, she is also gifted with an ability to enter into her music, gift wrap it’s soul and then give it to her audience so that they might bathe in the glow of her renditions. In addiction, she reflects the typical Italian classy attention to all the details and performing in sought dresses and accessories matching with pure pin up hairstyle and makeup.


Rosantique is currently at the forefront of the Italian Electro Swing scene, acting as a triple-threat pin-up, DJ, and vocalist. Back in April, she released a new single, Walk Your Shoes, complete with a roaring 20’s speakeasy vibe music video. "Walk your shoes" is a great mix of live band elements and electronics, allowing the instrumentalists to do their thing, with the drum machine back beat providing a firm foundation to the overall mix.

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