Torino Unlimited Noise

Crisscrossing Jazz and Electronic Music

TUN: AKA “Torino Unlimited Noise”, is a powerhouse featuring some of the most exciting jazz musicians from Italy, that are pushing the boundaries of the genre by fusing techno beats with jazz, creating a fresh and unique new sound.

The three musicians have already performed with artists such Richard Galliano, Zion Train, Randy Brecker, Flavio Boltro, Ensi, Dave Liebman.

Torino Unlimited Noise is a tribute to their city and its sounds, its industrial soul and its underground expressive power, pushing towards a human dimension, in search of meaning and beauty. Fusing compositions rooted in the jazz tradition and harmonic progressions with electronic sounds, the trio pushes the sonic boundaries of both genres.

Following their first EP released in 2019 with Jazz-o-Tech, the ground-breaking Berlin/Milan-based record label, TUN is going to be releasing their first album in April 2021 and planning a tour in Spring- Summer 2021.

In 2020, the band also joined forces with other artists like VSK and Gianluca Petrella to release the compilation ‘This is Techno Jazz’. Their track “Devourer of Senses” was co-produced with Tensal, one of the main exponents of European Techno music.

During lockdown, the band also recorded a breath-taking audio visual show in the Alpine woods, which was premiered by the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival in July 2020, as part of their ‘Jazz n Tech’ programme (also featuring Belgian ESINAM, British ESKA and Scottish MDNMTH).

Jazz-O-Tech has embarked in its spacecraft Torino Unlimited Noise, likely to become one of the most exciting bands on the scene, with their hybrid sound fusing live jazz and dancefloor beats

Line Up

  • Gianni Denitto - Sax, Effects
  • Fabio Giachino - Synth
  • Mattia Barbieri - Drums & Drum Pad - Sax, Synth, Voice

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