A musical dream blending orient and occident

Afrodream is a pop/afrobeat band that was created in Turin in 2015 thanks to the encounter between Abou Samb (Senegal, voice, percussions), Eddy Gaulein Stef (bass), Ariel Verosto (piano, transverse flute) Luca Vergano (guitar, artistic production), Jacopo (drums), Simone (sax) from Italy.

The sound atmposhere represents the merger of African beat and dreamy and wraparound melodies, from a more occidental persepctive, on which samb’s hopeful and slightly melancholy lyrics fly.

The sound is the result of the union between musicians who have incredibly different cultural backgrounds but found their harmony both from a rhythmic and melodic point of view; all this leads to explosive lives for you to dance with an almost-cathartic approach.


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