Continuing the Legacy of Fela Kuti

Funkindustry draws its energy on the mix and the variety of the Afro-American music of the 20th century. Combining with flavor the raw gimmicks of the Funk with the smooth melodies of R’n’B and the sensuality of Acid-Jazz music. Funkindustry only got one guideline : the groove.

In 2020, Funkindustry’s music travelled around the world through locking dance, even to the « Japan Dance Delight » (national hip hop dance contest). Then started a collaboration between the band and Japanese dancers for the MV of the single « Gimme All You Got », that announce new Funkindustry’s album to be released in autumn 2021.

Funkindustry’s catchy tunes created a buzz on social media and infected China, South Korea and Japan’


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