Global bass between the Andeans and Africa

Colombian DJ-producer and singer-songwriter Killabeatmaker is a Medellín-based artist that combines African American rhythms and Andean traditional music with Global club music. This energetic, charismatic performer also beatboxes, raps and sings during his DJ gigs. His live show consists of 3 musicians on stage Guadalupe on drums, gaita and singing, and Julian Ramirez on percussion and choirs Along with his own tracks, he plays remixes and music from other producers.

His latest EP, Matiela Suto from early 2021, released with the label Galletas Calientes, has been featured on Spotify playlists and BBC Radio 1 as well as media such as Pan African Music and OkayAfrica, gaining support from the likes of DJ Branko (Enchufa-da, Buraka som Sistema) and Kampire from the Nyege Nyege DJ collective.

Killabeatmaker toured 35 cities in Europe in the summers of 2018, 2019 and 2021, including performances at recognized festivals and venues like Sziget Festival, Musicbox Lisbon, Helsinki Festival and Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. At present he is finishing his second Ep which plans to be released in summer 2023. Besides his work as DJ-producer, Hilder Brando also founded the Medelín based band Radiocaliente, still active today, with which he has performed all over Colombia, South and North America. In 2014 he participated in a Grammy nominated best rock album “Don Teto” as a sound engineer. Through his music, KillaBeatMaker talks in particular about the luxurious diversity of Colombian nature, and how it’s in danger of being destroyed and in need of protection.

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