Rumba de Bodas

Bolognese supernova of styles

Since its inception in 2008, Rumba de Bodas has emerged as the heartbeat of the global dance scene. Crafted from the boundless spirit of eight individuals hailing from Bologna, united by a profound love for music and adventure, this ensemble has seamlessly woven together the vibrant threads of ska, funk, Latin, and Afro rhythms into a harmonious blend that reverberates on every stage it graces. Renowned for metamorphosing each performance into an extravagant celebration, Rumba de Bodas has indelibly etched its name into the hearts of audiences across Italy and beyond. Undergoing a nuanced evolution that saw the ensemble transition from eight to seven members, Rumba de Bodas embarked on a journey of sonic exploration, birthing successful albums such as “Just Married” (2012) and “Karnaval Fou” (2014). Their third opus, “Super Power,” released by Irma Records in 2018, marked a pivotal moment in their musical odyssey. The band reemerged into the limelight in 2020 with the infectious single “Isole,” followed by the captivating “Rimini Minivan” (Rubik Media GER) in June 2021.

A testament to their dynamism, Rumba de Bodas navigated through another lineup change in July 2021, paving the way for the Minivan Tour 2021. This musical journey saw the band weave its sonic tapestry across Europe, enchanting audiences from the pulsating beats of Germany’s Fusion Festival to the cultural cadence of Albania’s Hemingway Festival. Following this triumphant journey, they returned to Ciao Mare Studio (R. Casadei) in January 2022 to record an original cover, paying homage to their role as ambassadors of Emilia Romagna.International acclaim soared as Rumba de Bodas received an invitation to Casa SIAE for the Sanremo 2022 festival. Their subsequent release, “Krabu” (Rubik Media), in April, seamlessly infused traditional African music with Rumba-style reinterpretation, setting the stage for a summer tour that left an indelible mark on stages from Stuttgart’s Des Kulturen Festival to Berlin’s renowned Sysiphos Club, and everywhere in between.

The captivating music video for “Todo Mundo” (Rubik Media), released in October, was a visual feast, filmed in collaboration with the Civic School of Cinema “Luchino Visconti” in Milan and premiered during the Milan Music Week 2022 at the Nibada Theatre Club. Now, with the release of the latest single “Fête des Mouvements” on January 27, 2023, Rumba de Bodas is gearing up for their fourth album “Yen Ko,” released last March. The subsequent tour took them to South America and Europe, gracing stages in Colombia and Brazil, supporting the spring tour of Bixiga 70.

Don’t miss the chance to join the global party with Rumba de Bodas! Their Afro-Latin Funk fusion promises an unforgettable experience, where rhythm and joy converge.

The perfect post-Carnival shot. The exuberant cabaret-swing of Rumba da Bodas returns after a series of sell out shows last year. Starting life as a loose collective in the backstreet music bars of Bologna, Italy, they fuse Latin, Ska, Balkan and Swing ideas into an ever-changing musical mix.

The List Edinburgh

Line Up

  • Rachel - Vocals
  • Ale - Drums
  • Arci - Guitar
  • Jack - Bass
  • Kim - Saxophone
  • Mattia - Keyboard
  • Fabio - Trumpet

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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788