A vibrantly sexy gangster groove

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Our favorite gang from bella italia is back with an album full of the best explosive, glamorous, lawless and vibrantly sexy gangster groove! In a wild western Italian fashion, the four musicians grasp the noblest styles: dub echoes from the remotest corners of Kingston-town, afro latin grooves as in a Colombian party, pure rock’n’roll from the American steppe, rattling Balkan beats from Serbian villages, hip hop beats and brilliant surf sounds from the South of California.

The guitars dangle to the fluctuating sound of sinti jazz and reggae on the fat brass riffs of the sousaphone, while the drums begin a rodeo, bewitched by the sometimes rebellious and sometimes erotic timbre of the singer Andrea ‘Mondocane’ Cota. Live they light up a freak show that includes a pirate invasion filled with pure carnival magic and savage anarchy, whether you’re at a funeral in New Orleans, an European music festival, a gypsy wedding in the pusta, or your sweaty little place. All around worldly rhythms and global grooves put on with love.

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