Voodoo Sound Club

Ancestral Voodoo Jazz and Social Movement

The Voodoo Sound Club is defined by critics as one of the best emerging sounds of Italy. The band plays a new and at the same time ancestral, Funk and Afro Beat sound. The Voodoo Sound Club, was born in 2009 from an idea of Guglielmo Pagnozzi, virtuoso instrumentalist of clarinet and alto sax, active on the Italian jazz scene from the earliest nineties. Their explosive blend of funk, afrobeat, jazz, gnawa and afrocuban music, psychedelia and fight songs is unique. Their social commitment brings jazz close to all forms of black music that have made whole dance generations up to the original African matrix. World music to listen to but above all to dance in a concert with strong shamanic connotations.

A full immersion in afrobeat, in between jazz and funky and with an extraordinary rhythmic impact …


Line Up

  • Guglielmo Pagnozzi - Sax, Synth, Voice
  • Lazzaro Piccolo - Guitar
  • Salvatore Lauriola - Bass
  • Danilo Mineo - Percussions
  • Gaetano Alfonsi - Drums


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Tel: +49 (0)176 99775788